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Purging is a process that is not harmful to mechanical parts, maintenance process for the fuel system of a vehicle or a fixed oil tank. Through the specially designed cleaning machine, EFT Purge Dialysis Machine and the special cleaning fluid EFT Purge liquid , a radical cleaning is achieved in the fuel supply system and combustion chamber. (nozzles, pumps, filters, dpf , egr , air intake, valves, pistons, tubes) , from chronic deposits caused by both incomplete combustion of the mixture and the by-products of combustion itself. These deposits reduce the smooth operation of the mechanical parts mentioned above, either by reducing their cross section or by blocking them completely, which results in a dramatic reduction in engine performance, a particularly high consumption increase and even a demand for replacing them, which is expensive! After the Purging process, which takes 30-45 minutes , the performance of the vehicle returns very close to the factory, as a much more efficient and clean combustion is achieved, better performance, faster and more linear acceleration, reduced consumption, more stable idle, higher engine longevity, avoidance of replacement of expensive mechanical parts, dramatic reduction in exhaust fumes, easier morning start and increased torque-power.

The Purging process has been inspected and certified by the international organization T ÜV Th üringen . The EFT Purge Dialysis Machine easily adapts to the fuel supply system (see picture) bypassing the car's tank and requires absolutely no change in engine components. It contains 3 containers . The first contains the PURGE liquid the revolutionary cleaning formula. The second contains oil from a common gas station. In the third container, the residues that come out of the fuel circuit are deposited while the cleaning is being done. This third container is also the main criterion for the effectiveness or not of the process of cleaning the deposits in the fuel circuit. In all applications, this third container is filled with residues, the form of which is very dark and thick! In this way our engine is completely cleaned as well as the fuel pumps and injectors.

Note that the Purging process differs significantly from many similar commercial processes, which simply smoke the engine and catalyst from soot deposits without even cleaning the very critical power supply system (injectors, pumps, filters, pipes). If the process doesn't involve collecting leftovers, but only relying on exhaust fumes, it's simply an unfinished cleaning process without the multiple benefits of a complete cleaning provided by Purging .

PURGE liquid (Engine and Fuel System Cleaning Formula)

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